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Psychological Effect Essay

Most dealers select their casualties between the ages of 6 to 24, in light of the fact that a youthful casualty will effectively capitulate to power and surrender. They are constrained into substantial physical work in unsafe conditions. Many are likewise shown the utilization of weapons and are enlisted as ‘soldiers’ in equipped clashes. As indicated by measurements by the U. S. Division of State, all around, 2 million youngsters are dealt into the sex exchange every year. The youngsters experience the ill effects of absence of confidence, passionate unsettling influence, confusion, and gloom and are scarred forever. They grow profound mental issue that they battle with for the remainder of their lives regardless of whether they have been saved. Mental weakness ruins them from having a sound perspective later on. The kids are probably going to get pulled back and will in general be self-destructive. Any kids destined to the survivors of prostitution are removed at the hour of birth making further mental anguish the moms. Truth be told, the more extended the casualties have been subjugated, more prominent will be their horrible experience. Wellbeing Effects Human Trafficking, Human Misery’, a book composed by Alexis Aronowitz, states that an expected 80% casualties of dealing are explicitly misused, mishandled or constrained into prostitution as most casualties are young ladies and youngsters. Such a casualty presumably may need to oblige anyplace between 8 to 15 customers in a day. The utilization of sexual assurance is immaterial in this industry, leaving the abused at a high danger of contracting different explicitly transmitted illnesses and HIV/AIDS that they further give to the men and their accomplices. Now and again, casualties are additionally exposed to substance maltreatment by being compelled to ingest medications. Such people additionally need to continually fight with illicit drug use. Ill-advised gracefully of suppers and the absence of nutritious food causes malnourishment in these captured casualties. Poor day to day environments additionally add to the advancement of different maladies that these casualties experience the ill effects of in later years. The casualties are not given any clinical guide to fix these illnesses. Those selected in substance manufacturing plants are dealt with like cutting edge slaves and when they capitulate to word related sicknesses, are immediately supplanted by another clump of casualties. Cultural Effects The casualties might be utilized as fortified work in their own nation or shipped to another nation whereupon appearance, their identifications and relocation reports are detracted from them, leaving them defenseless and fixed. Tragically, they are regularly charged as associates of the wrongdoings instead of being viewed as casualties. They are kept in exceptionally poor conditions with unacceptable attire and food, unhygienic day to day environments and no arrangement for social insurance. They are likewise frequently genuinely and explicitly mishandled by their bosses and ‘clients’ for resistance with requests. This is an extremely frightful image of the substance of our general public, taking cover behind a divider. Another point to be noted here is that the casualties are denied of training and every single human right. The casualties consistently battle to pick up acknowledgment in the public arena from the disgrace in the wake of being protected. This illicit dealing frequently intermixes with different wrongdoings, for example, pirating of medications and ammo. Defilement is so across the board in our reality that the avarice for riches just further urges dealing of people to prosper, without any boundaries. In such a situation, the improvement of a steady and strong society appears to be a far off dream. Financial Effects According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), human dealing creates $31. 6 billion assessed unlawful benefit around the world! As determined by the CIA, a dealer gains up to $250,000 per casualty of the sex exchange a year. Of this entirety, the casualty is paid a unimportant sum or nothing at all on the guise of clearing up obligations and paying for costs, for example, food, garments and housing. The survivors of bondage are additionally paid small wages for difficult physical work which keeps them from escaping. Accessibility of such modest work ruins business openings and hence, diminishes per capita pay of the country. The money related repercussions can't be ignored. Truth be told, the system of dealers has increased massive money related quality which permits such criminal operations to flourish without the dread of law. Unlawful migration is likewise a danger to national security and a reason for worry for governments around the world. It offers ascend to different ills, for example, psychological warfare, destitution, poor way of life, joblessness, extending populace, wastage of assets, horror rates, and absence of implementation of peace in the nation. These components hinder the financial development of the country. Regularly, the casualties are oppressed by the weight of obligations and constrained into constrained work. Obligation subjugation is a criminal offense in the United States but then ordinary individuals are being oppressed for it. The riches gains from dealing are diverted to lawful exercises by putting resources into organizations or subsidizing open undertakings so as to launder that cash. Alongside constrained modest work, this makes pointless rivalry for authentic organizations. Yet, most importantly, the loss of significant HR is the most unfortunate. It is an undue misuse of profitability and advancement. Truth be told, it is a disrespect to humankind.

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SWOT analysis of HP Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

SWOT investigation of HP Inc - Essay Example , the organization can without much of a stretch go into a business association with worldwide organizations, for example, on account of Starbucks as far as utilizing HP’s Wireless Connection Manager programming for the Wi-Fi access of Starbucks’ customers. (Weinschenck, 2002) Beside having great and steadfast client notoriety as far as disparaging HP’s PC-related items, the organization constantly improves its worldwide dispersion arrange throughout the years. (BNET, 1998) By upgrading its worldwide appropriation organize, the organization can undoubtedly circulate its item and administrations over the world. Hence, reinforcing the company’s capacity to build its yearly deals and gainfulness. Since 1999, HP consistently applied additional exertion in ensuring its item and administrations through the U.S. licensed innovation law. (HP, 2008a) By effectively enrolling its recently advanced items and brand name under patent and trademark, the organization is profoundly HP’s Storage Division misses the mark regarding its client’s desires. (Maitland, 2004; Vance, 2004) For this explanation, the organization has encountered a 5% decrease in income on account of HP’s server and capacity division. In like manner, this causes the company’s offer to tumble down from $19.10 to $16.28 in 2004. (Vance, 2004) HP ceaselessly enhance new item and innovation to fulfill the requirements and needs of its objective buyers. (Hoffman, 2007) Aiming to expand the business chance of HP, the organization has as of late planned and advertised an all inclusive printer driver so as to build its upper hands over different brands. So as to defeat the company’s shortcomings, HP went into merger with Compaq so as to improve its stockpiling division. (Stammers, 2004) all the while, HP should accept it as a test to improve its Server and Storage Division by changing its current stockpiling scene. (Maitland, 2004) Disappointment of HP to promptly follow up on its shortcomings forces a noteworthy danger over its yearly income and

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Race Against Myself

Race Against Myself In 1st grade, there were these 1-sided sheets of simple math problems called “Minute Math”. Some of the strongest memories of my childhood is nose to the paper, pencil poised, ready to race across the page as if those 60 seconds were going to be my last, and then loudly putting my pencil down announcing that I had finished first. In 4th grade, in computer lab I’d sneak glances at neighboring people’s wpm and quietly gloat about how I was faster. 80wpm!!! Throughout middle school, I was a proud reigning champion of the visual speed game SET, constantly ‘challenging’ people, knowing that I would win. But as I moved up in the hierarchy of grades and outgrew the small staircases, my place in the hierarchy of smart people moved down. Other people started finishing earlier than me. Other people had wpm’s over 100. Other people started beating me at SET. Other people were better than me.   By the time I got to MIT, I didn’t have the problem of “was valedictorian and suddenly isn’t the baddest fish in the sea”. I already knew I wasn’t that good, I just wanted to survive. I didn’t look competitive anymore, but it was because I knew I was going to lose if I tried so I didn’t. I didn’t want to lose what little benefit of the doubt left that I was smart. Maybe this would’ve been fine, except that the ‘Other people are better than me’ simply got stronger. From the moment I joined the MIT Class of 2018 Facebook group to see everyone’s charged up, jubilant cheers and introductions, that feeling grew. The tears of relief off my face had barely dried from acceptance and I was already feeling inferior. Feeling behind, again. FIRST Robotics 1st place. Math Competition X that I never made the cut off for. Oh and Math Competition Y that comes after X Wow if I were international I’d never have gotten in. Hobbies I’d never heard of, towns I’d only heard of, and activities I could only dream of â€" I was overwhelmed trying to find my place in all of this, let alone hierarchical place. So I saved myself the trouble and for the past three and a half years, I missed opportunities to grow, to believe in myself, to fail and learn from it because I Truly Believed That I Was Not Good Enough. Didn’t finish that video lecture in 2x speed in half the lecture time? FAILURE. SLOW. DISTRACTABLE. LOW FOCUS. Forgot what I was doing for this code assignment and totally lost? STUPID. INCAPABLE. DEPENDENT. Got a low score on a test that I knew I could’ve done better on? LOSS OF POTENTIAL. DISAPPOINTMENT. BAGGAGE. For the past three. and. a. half. years I have not given myself compassion. With the help of an ADHD diagnosis my sophomore spring, my ADHD MIT therapist Dr.Xiaolu Hsi, my wonderful ADHD friend Zoë Redstone-Rothstein ‘17, and countless friends unconditionally affirming my place here, my last semester at MIT, I understand now what it means to love myself. It looks like giving myself time.   It means that if I need four hours to read this lecture slowly on my own, it means four hours. Not the time that I hoped for, not at the smooth, rapid, pace of comprehension I know at my peak I can process, but instead four hours of hard-earned learning time. It means that if I have to say I can’t go to this event I had said I was going to, I do it, because that doesn’t come before my own stress level and well-being as a priority. And I remember next time to be more mindful of promising time I cannot promise. It means. That if I need help, I go on Piazza (QA class forum) and ask. Anonymously or not-anonymously. The reason people there have always looked so ahead of you is not that they were smarter, but because they just spent more time running into roadblocks and time overcoming them. In fact, 90% of your questions are questions other people had too!!!!!! In my last semester at MIT, I have finally learned to love myself and I have an inner peace that I never had before. It’s what it must feel like to accept and be kind to myself. I accept and understand now that taking time does not reflect a lack of intelligence, perseverance, or problem-solving ability. Its not expecting of myself a constant level of productivity thats also considered abuse. It looks like my planner one year ago looking like this: To this: And my calendar from this: To This: And I know, that I wanted to be faster, smarter, to do all the things that I wanted because X, Y, Z person was why can’t I? Because I’m me and not them and that’s all. Not because I’m not doing A, B, C and I can’t D, E, F. I have my own constraints and that’s all that I have to work with. That’s what accepting myself unconditionally looks like. That’s what love looks like. I don’t try to do the things I want to do and then make myself fit. I learn and understand myself and then prioritize the things I must do and then the things I really really really want to do, then the things I really, really want to do, and then the things I really want to do because I really want to do everything. I love myself all the more for having gone through this journey and brought myself to this place. I love my friends who have patiently pointed out for years that I need to take better care of myself before I run around thinking I’m needed and necessary for all the things. Because I don’t need my value or worth as a person to come from the things I’m doing and by extension, I don’t need my value and worth be lessened because of the things I’m not doing. By all the metrics I’ve fallen short of in the past, this semester I’ve exceeded my expectation of myself over, and over again. I am actually able to enjoy learning again when its not a direct causal indicator of my self worth. I feel less guilty about friendships I can’t keep up with and still acknowledge how important they are to me. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my potential every day because I know that what I’m working on right now is the most important thing that I could be doing and all the other things I could be doing are just things I could be doing if I weren’t me. Accepting myself and my limits has allowed me to achieve more instead of falling short. I can’t expect myself to sprint if I haven’t learned how to walk. Recently I played Typeracer again. I have consistently proved to myself that when I try to type faster, I make more mistakes. There are rounds that I do hit 111wpm. And rounds like this where I’m so preoccupied looking at the people pulling away from me, that I make even more mistakes and get stuck on a period-looking comma. Over and over, I learn that the way I do best is when I focus on myself. When I look the next word I need to type. When I care about what I’m doing because I want to learn it. When I free myself from thinking other people are better and therefore there are other people who are worse. In 1st grade, I read this story called The Tortoise and the Hare. Now as I’m about to finish this race called MIT, I realize it was never a race at all.   When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things as good, other things become  bad. Being and non-being create each other. Difficult and easy support each other. Long and short define each other. High and low depend on each other. Before and after follow each  other. Therefore the Master acts without doing anything and teaches without saying anything. Things arise and she lets them come; things disappear and she lets them go. She has but doesn’t possess, acts but doesn’t expect. When her work is done, she forgets it. That is why it lasts  forever. Tao Te Ching,  2

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Annotated Bibliography Of Family Life - 1412 Words

Assignment 1 – Annotated Bibliography of Family Life Baker, M. (2001) Families, Labour and Love: Family diversity in a changing world. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen and Unwin. †¢ Sociologists use the term ‘families’ in plural rather than ‘family’ to represent the variations in family life. †¢ Societal changes contributed to divorce rates, focusing more on personal happiness, higher martial satisfaction and women ability to survive economically outside marriage. †¢ Extended family households were more prevalent before industrialism and were more widespread among indigenous people prior to colonization. †¢ The wife takes on the expressive role, maintaining social relations, while the husband assumes the instrumental role of providing the income. †¢ Structural functionalists argue that family provides order and control within society and describe family as only one acceptable †¦ rather than variations. †¢ Diversity is an important aspect of postmodern families. †¢ WhÄ nau is the most fundamental principle of Maori family life. This book provides a very detailed and widespread overview of family life within New Zealand, by examining the factors which have changed and shaped family structure such as economic status, globalization, cultural traditions, etc. to clarify and outline the diversity of families. Baker discusses many theories of the differences of family life such as elaborating on social diversity, outlining the increase of personal satisfaction within marriage and the stronglyShow MoreRelatedAssisting A Five Year Old Boy With Adhd1724 Words   |  7 Pagesof ADHD impact the success rate of a classroom. This student also wants to gather information about intervention strategies that will increase chances of success. Malekpour, Mokhtar; Aghababaei, Sara; Hadi, Samira (2014). Effectiveness of Family, Child, and Family-Child Based Intervention on ADHD Symptoms of Students with Disabilities. International journal of Special education, v29 n2 p29-34. This particular study focused on children in the third grade who all had a diagnosis of ADHD. The study wasRead MoreLearning and Cognition Essay1306 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Annotated Bibliography: Foundation for a course Project PSYC 3500; Learning and Cognition U5A1: Annotated Bibliography Capella University November, 2013 Annotated Bibliography: Foundation for a course Project This paper contains an annotated bibliography for a paper which will serve as the final project for a course on the subject of learning and cognition. The paper for which this bibliography was prepared originally was to focus on whetherRead MoreMy Writing Style Of Writing905 Words   |  4 Pagesessay and paper. From a point of view of three person, first person, what you think this person is telling you, to writing how you feel, what changed your life to where do you see yourself in the next 10 years. I enjoyed this writing class and I know my teacher has enjoy my present. The only bad thing I can say is I HATE writing annotated bibliography and anything that have something to do with it, not you teacher. But it was the hardest most confusing paper I have ever sat at home and tried to figureRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography : Robotic Surgical Training808 Words   |  4 PagesRunning Head: Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography DHA 8032 Dewel Jamerson Dr. Wederski Annotated Bibliography Ben-Or, S., Nifong, W., Chitwood, W. (2013). Robotic Surgical Training. The Cancer Journal, 19(2), 120-123. This article is good and interesting because it talks about what surgeons go through to become proficient in using surgical robotics. The surgeons and the nurses have to learn to use visual cues when performing these surgeries since they do not haveRead MorePerceptions of Bushmen Culture Essay1399 Words   |  6 Pagesfor successful hunt. Chiderster et al. paraphrase Barnard’s description of this functioning as the ability to constitute â€Å"an alternative world that appears in myth and ritual, but does not affect the pragmatic concerns or practical conduct of daily life.† Although there are small â€Å"Bushmen† populations still in existence in the African subcontinent, by the end of the eighteenth century Bushmen populations had significantly decreased. â€Å"The San or Bushmen were colonized, marginalized and exterminated†Read MoreWhat I Really Taught Me?857 Words   |  4 Pagesorganization’s use of ethos, pathos, and logos create an effective call to action for viewers to make more responsible choices. The video effectively triggers the audience’s sense of understanding that drunk driving affects everyone from the victim to their family and friends†. A good thesis should not be a sentence long, it should be longer with valuable information. Another valuable concept I learned in taking this class was to perform critical readings by identifying an author s’ audience, purpose, argumentRead MoreThe Benefits of Healthy Eating1739 Words   |  7 Pageskeep the Doctor away? Although an apple a day is not near ly enough to keep the doctor away, it would be a good start on the road to a healthier life. Healthful eating is important and will change the lives of families in a positive way. Healthful eating will dramatically lower the risk of diseases associated unhealthy eating, create more time for family, and possibly offset desire to change other harmful habits. Qualified health professionals are not the only ones preaching their views on healthfulRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Child Welfare System1220 Words   |  5 Pages Child Welfare System: An Annotated Bibliography The child welfare system is a child protective agency. Their focus is to protect children. Without the agency, there will be a lot of hurt children. The focus of my paper is make to you aware of the child welfare system. Including the history, racism, issues, and outcomes of the system. I chose this topic because child welfare doesn’t receive enough attention. That is my own personal belief. I believe people need toRead MoreAbstract. This Term Paper Will Be On The Education Reform1168 Words   |  5 Pagesthis reason that researchers have defined nature of learning as paradoxical. Legislation of the US stipulates that every child deserves a good start in life and should be supported to fulfill his/her potential. It is notable that children develop quickly in their early ages, and their experiences under the age five have the huge impact on their life as adults. For this reason, it is vital that children get a safe and happy childhood in their right. Additionally, good parenting provides a high-qualityRead MoreAnalysis Of The Dream In The Black Cat1146 Words   |  5 Pagesand super-ego thus resulted in a clearer understanding of the dynamic relations within the mind† (Alexander 176). The narrator acted out using his id, and now his super-ego is taking over, admitting fault. Moving on, Poe lived a troubled personal life, given the incest, becoming an orphan, alcoholism, and the mysterious circumstances of his death (Thompson). Merton Yewdale, who wrote for the The North American Review, describes Poe’s mental process and writing as follows: Poe understood too well

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Personal Narrative Homegrown Talent - 1134 Words

Hilarion Bongmoyong Kathy Kvinge Christopher English 1101-20730 24 September 2017 Homegrown Talent Growing up as a little kid, my father was searching for the talents and potentials I have, things that I would like doing and excel in life the most. One day at the middle of the night, I jumped out from bed because I had a dream about a tennis ball that was played by someone, and it was just heading towards my face to hit me, and I woke up having a passion for sports, and when I told my dad, he took me to a public library and showed me the section that had books of every sport I can imagine exists in the world. One Saturday morning I woke up and although my room was full of different sporting gear and equipments such as tennis racket,†¦show more content†¦This was a strategy that I was using in practicing to better my on serve in the tennis court because the higher one tosses the ball in the air, the better the serve will be. The next thing my dad came up with was a tennis diet for me. Most athletes have several other restricted diets that they abide by, a nd they correlate with their body mechanism during exercise. My father came up with a breakfast, lunch and dinner diet for me. I ate lots of protein, mixed vegetable, some starchy food and little carbohydrates. My dad made sure I maintained a balanced diet and he made me drank a lot of green tea to digest the food easily and for more energy. My dad made it clear to me that tennis was a mental, physical, psychological and skilled based sport. For one to be a better tennis player, one must train. My father then signed a contract to construct a tennis court at the backyard of our compound. This construction was going to take a month to complete which made me start preparing myself mentally for it and getting a better ball control. In the meantime, my dad decided to take me to a tennis training camp for me to gain the knowledge and skills that tennis has to offer to me. I threw on my tennis top gear, and scrambled down the stairs as fast as I could to get ready and get there fast becaus e I could not wait to have such an

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Realism vs. Surrealism Free Essays

Why is he so important? What makes is death so significant? † Realism vs.. Surrealism Books are a major piece in the puzzle of life. We will write a custom essay sample on Realism vs. Surrealism or any similar topic only for you Order Now When books, a source that points out a society’s imperfections, are taken away, humanity is lost. In Ray Bradbury scientific novel Fahrenheit 451 , firemen are the people to start fires, rather than extinguish them, as they do in the modern world. They also investigate homes that are reported to be sheltering books. Owning books and reading books is against the law in this eating, and if any are found during the investigation, the owner is arrested and the books are burned. Captain Beauty, the leader of the firemen, is portrayed as a mysterious and suspicious man, who goes around quoting books during the day, and burning them at night. Later on in the story it was made clear that Captain Beauty has read books in his lifetime; however he turned away from them because he was required to think on his own. Ray Bradbury created this character to show that the awareness of imperfections in society can, in some case, lead to the missing desire to use the knowledge. Beauty is the type of person, who after learning the truth and reality, returns to the unreality he was used to. This relates to Plat’s Allegory of the Cave. The cave that Plato thought of was set up with prisoners chained up, facing a wall that projects shadows originating from puppets behind the prisoners on a platform. Beneath the platform and behind the prisoners is an opening which leads into the real world. The essence of the philosophy is that a prisoner is let go into the real world with the knowledge they have, such as the puppets’ shadows. For example, if a prisoner saw a go in the real world, he would think that it is fake, because he accepted the reality of the shadow of the dog projected on the cave wall. The slave then realizes, the images shown in the cave are an unreality. Once they are exposed to the truth they cannot return to the life they once knew. The character Beauty was a representation of a prisoner or slave chained up in the cave. Beauty became free, and he started reading books and questioning society, representing the transition from the cave to the real world. The moment he was exposed to the truth, he did not enjoy it, because he had o think on his own. Beauty then returned to the life he knows is a lie. Despite the fact that Beauty returned to the cave, he read the books so intuitively that he was able to quote them and give them some significance to his life. When Montage felt sick, Beauty visited him because he knew Montage had stolen a book from the reported house they investigated the previous night. He lectured Montage on how nothing valuable comes from books. For example, during the lecture Beauty says â€Å"Well, Montage, take my word for it, I’ve had to read a few in my time, to know what I was about, and the books say thing! Nothing you can teach or believe† (62). By saying this to Montage, Beauty is trying to prevent him from â€Å"leaving the cave† or learning that humanity has many imperfections. Beauty feared that if Montage learns the truth about the society they live in, he will also be cowardly to make a difference and return to the unreality as Beauty has done. Despite the fact that Beauty returned to the false world, his ‘contaminated’ mind could not forget the lessons he had learned from books. Beauty’s character served a purpose to demonstrate that there is a restriction towards what en can do; however, with all the knowledge of humanity Beauty has acquired, he chooses not to do anything. Beauty served as a very significant character throughout the novel. He is a combination of Montage, someone who wanted to learn about the imperfections, and Mildred, a shallow and a cowardly person. He is similar to Montage in the sense that he read books, and questioned society. Montage, however, wanted to make a difference, so he came up with a plan. â€Å"If you thought it would be a plan worth trying, I’d have to take you word it would help† (86). Montage thought of a plan to sabotage he lives of the firemen by planting books in their houses, having them arrested, and as a result their houses would be burned. They would be left with nothing and they would be in Jail. This would give Montage and his helper, Faber, time to plant more books in other civilian homes. Beauty displayed many of the qualities that Montage possessed, despite the fact that Montage was proactive to solve problems. Beauty is similar to Mildred because he learned all this valuable information, yet he threw it away, because he did not want to burden himself with thinking about the books and hat they truly meant. When Montage shows Mildred, his wife, all of the books he has been hiding, he asks her to read them with him. As they are reading Mildred, who is too confused and frustrated, shouts â€Å"What does it mean? It doesn’t mean anything! † (68). Mildred did not understand why she had to think about the book, and Beauty returned to the cave’ for the same reason. He did not want to go through the tedious process of thinking about what the books mean. Despite the frustration, when Beauty quotes the books throughout the novel, it indicates he received meeting from books; however, it was not enough for him to completely leave the cave. With Beauty being aware of the knowledge he has, but refusing to make a change, his death is instantly made significant. Before his death he quotes the famous line from the Shakespearian tragedy Julius Caesar â€Å"There is no terror, Cassias, in your threats, for I am arm’s so strong in honesty that they pass me as an idle wind, which I respect not! † (119). Beauty says this to Montage, while he is pointing a flamethrower directly at Beauty, to show him that he is not scared to die. In that same vein, when Montage kills Beauty, before him is the path he must take to make a difference; however, without the obstacle: Beauty. Montage is no longer surrounded with the constant reminder that books and independent thoughts are useless. Later on in the novel, a terrifying realization dawns over Montage; that Beauty wanted to purposefully die. He says â€Å"Beauty wanted to die,† as he comes up with an explanation for Beauty’s unusual wish. Beats desire to die, was because he was not satisfied with what his life has become. He had gone through the trouble of escaping the cave, reading the kooks and trying to understand their content. Unfortunately, Beauty was unwilling to think on his own, therefore he returned to the unrealistic life. While seconds away from his death, Beauty sees an image of what he could have become if he put aside his frustration with comprehending the books ; Montage, a person who chooses to use the knowledge he has gained. Both firemen started out the same way. They both loved their Job, but one day they started questioning society which led them to reading books. Montage, however, wanted to make a differ Renee and learn to understand the world that was hidden away from him, while Beauty returned to the cave because it was the easier life to live. Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451 follows the framework of Plat’s Allegory of the Cave, and although many characters have to partake in the Journey of leaving the cave, a single character Beauty, has a unique participation in the Journey of exiting the cave. When Beauty is introduced in the setting quoting books, his character’s demeanor takes an unexpected turn. He is perceived as a tough and loyal fireman; however, no one knows that in the past, he was a law-breaker. Beauty was curious to discover the content of those mysterious books and he read many attentively, and received enough knowledge to quote them in any type of circumstance. He became too frustrated with comprehending the books which led to his willing transition from reality to unreality. Ray Bradbury created this character to show the ignorance of humanity when one must think independently. Captain Beauty was important to the novel because he was a controversy between Mildred, a shallow prisoner, and Montage, a prisoner trying to escape. Without the combination of the two, there would to be any balance. Captain Beauty’s death, allowed Montage to continue his Journey with the eradication of his main obstacle. It also was significant because it revealed to the reader that Captain Beauty was miserable living in the fake world when he had already been exposed to the true imperfections of society, and he could not live with himself that he sacrificed a chance to make a change, the way Montage has. Without books, the imperfections of society are not pointed out and many people gain the courage to understand the truth rather than accepting the reality that is presented to them. How to cite Realism vs. Surrealism, Papers

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Titration Lab free essay sample

The equivalence point is characterized by a sharp change of pH which can be followed with a pHmeter. A graph of pH versus concentration will indicate the molar equivalence at the inflexion point of the curve. The point observed experimentally is never exactly the molar equivalence but a â€Å"best estimate† and is given the name â€Å"end point†. It is easier and cheaper to identify the end point with an indicator instead a pHmeter. Some chemicals such as phenolphthalein will change color when the pH changes sharply between two given values called the indicator’s range. The range of phenolphthalein is 8. 3 to 10. 0. The shape of a pH curve varies widely with the type of reactants and needs to be taken into account when choosing an indicator. We will titrate a strong base (NaOH) of unknown concentration with a strong acid (HCl). The objective is to find the purity of NaOH pellets. The pellets are close to purity but not 100 % because NaOH is very hydrophilic and the pellets are likely to be slightly hydrated. We will write a custom essay sample on Titration Lab or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The procedure: The first part of the laboratory experiment will be the preparation of the reactants and the choice of an indicator. You will need to prepare the analyte, a solution of NaOH, of a chosen concentration and volume and prepare a solution of HCl, the titrant, accordingly. Accordingly means that the end point should be reached after the delivery of manageable volume. If a 50. ml burette is used the volume to be delivered should be between 15. ml and 40 ml. The chosen concentration of NaOH means the concentration of NaOH that you would obtain if the tablets were pure, with the understanding the objective of the titration is to give you a more accurate measurement that you will use to calculate the purity of the tablet. Acid-base chemistry tells us that the reaction between the hydronium and hydroxide ions is extensive and that the pH of the equivalence point should be close to 7. You will design a titration procedure indicating the reactants, the equipment, the data to be collected and the calculations. You will then proceed with two or three measurements depending on the precision of the first two. Your report will review the chemical background, present the data and the result and justify in your error analysis the number of significant figures of your reported concentration. The average of the trial is 24. 3 mL. The molarity of NaOH was found by using the M1V1 = M2V2 equation, resulting in 1. 1 M of NaOH. Discussion In the Titrations Lab, 50. 0 mL of 0. M HCl and appropriate amount of NaOH were titrated to find  the molarity of NaOH and the pH of the solution after x mL of NaOH has been added. The lab discussed the difference between equivalence point, the point at which the reaction between titrant and unknown is complete, and the endpoint, the point where the indicator turns color. The color change occurs when the concentration of more dominant form is ten times as great as the less dominant. However, color changes in a solution does not necessarily equal to the equivalence point. Equivalence point can be found by observing the indicator, or using a pH meter and finding midpoint of vertical line in the titration curve. Endpoints can be found by observing the color change of the indicator. The titration lab also involved indicators. Indicators are substances which undergoes a color change in the pH interval of the equivalence point, allowing physical observation of pH change. Most indicators are weak acids, so protons shift from acid to conjugate base. The concentrations of indicators in a solution do not change molarity value.